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Level Up Your Lead Generation: Email

April 8, 2020

Level up your lead generation: email

An email address on your list represents a potential customer who’s interested in hearing more from you about your product. But, what if you could refine those leads down to something more substantial? With the right relationship management and email strategy, you’ll have qualified leads who are ready to hear directly from your sales team. We’ve covered the basics of email marketing before in our Level Up series, but today we’re going over how you can use email marketing specifically for lead generation.

email marketing means building connections

Build Quality Connections

To recap our previous posts about email, first you’ll need to establish a relationship with your audience. Building an email list means discovering your ideal target audience, and segmenting them correctly. When you segment your audience into discrete groups, you should be considering demographic details to determine who would be most interested in each email. By delivering what they want, and no excess, you’re building a quality connection.

homing in on your email marketing lead generation

Homing in on Your Lead

Next, you need to focus on giving to your customers. When you automate a drip campaign, for example, you shouldn’t send one useful email and then immediately follow up with an email asking them to purchase. Continue sending your readers valuable, useful information about your product. Then, after several emails, offer an opportunity to truly learn more. A tour, a hands-on demo, or some other in-person offer is ideal when you’re ready to move a lead to the next stage.

automate lead generation email responsibly

Automate Responsibly

Finally, you want to nurture these leads. When a prospect entrusts you with their email, they are looking for some value. Provide details and interesting information about your product, of course, but also escalate with every email in the drip. You could start with an in-depth exploration of your product, then in the next email, serve them a video. In your third email, you might send a coupon or another incentive, and provide an opportunity to contact you. If they open the final email, you have a solid lead who has qualified themselves as very interested.

Make Email Lead Generation Easier

It takes a gentle touch to refine your leads via email. You’ll find, though, that you get some of your very best prospects through this medium. It also takes a lot of effort, and without a dedicated email team, it can be difficult to create an entire drip campaign, get it loaded into your CRM, segment your lists, and provide them with fresh, relevant content. Rearview Advertising makes the whole process simple. Work with us and you will have a dedicated team working to make your email marketing efforts the best they can be. Contact us and discover just how easy it can be, or tell us more about your project in the form below.

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