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Level up Your Email Marketing: Wrap-Up

February 11, 2020

Take your email marketing to the next level wrap-up

By now you’ve learned the true value of the drip campaign, you can structure your email to get results, and you know how to segment your audiences. With these email marketing best practices, you can use Pardot with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Lasso, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, or any other email marketing platform with ease and effectiveness. It’s a lot to take in, though. For a quick refresher, let’s go over the key points.

Automate With Drip Campaigns

Drip marketing, AKA marketing automation allows you to send pre-written emails on a schedule and according to a user’s behavior. They’re fantastic for tailoring campaigns to your readers. Some examples of drip emails include welcome emails, abandoned shopping cart reminders, product recommendations, and also order confirmations. For the most effective drip campaign, you’ll want to avoid generic messaging, bland subject lines, unsegmented audiences, and sporadic email scheduling. Read the original article to learn how you can create an intelligent drip campaign.

Structure Your Emails for Success

Organization is key in your marketing emails. For your campaign to be successful, each email needs to be easy to scan and contain only the necessary information. Cut right to the chase in the subject line so readers know exactly what the email is about. Don’t add too much text to the body of the email, so your content is focused and easy to digest. Leverage a well-crafted call to action to bring it all home and get your readers where you want them – on your site. The full article contains more tips for creating the perfect email structure.

Select the Right Audience

Finally, selecting your audience is a crucial step in creating a successful email marketing campaign. Getting specific with your audience allows each reader to develop a deeper relationship with your brand. First, establish a target audience – the group of people most likely to open your emails. Then, segment that audience into groups, they can be based on demographics, online habits, purchasing behaviors, and more. Don’t get caught up in drawing in large numbers of subscribers – what you want are subscribers who will act on your emails, not users who immediately delete your email without opening it. For more on how to select and segment your audience, read the fourth article in our series on email marketing.

level up your email marketing

Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Equipped with these best practices, you can elevate your email marketing beyond what you thought possible. Truly leveling up your email marketing takes a lot of effort, though, and if your team isn’t prepared it can feel almost impossible. Not to worry. Rearview Advertising has the skills, experience, and drive to take your email marketing efforts even higher. Contact us today to learn how we can put these practices and more to work for your company. With our expertise, you’ll see what it truly means to connect with your customers through email.

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