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How to Design a Great Logo

October 2, 2020

How to Design a Great Logo

Rearview Lead Designer Kristen Oehrig has created hundreds of logos throughout her career, and in all that time she has hit upon what makes a logo design truly successful. Today we share her advice on how to design a great, lasting logo that can define your brand – and in turn, make your business more memorable to potential customers.

design a great logo with careful consideration

Consider Your Brand

Your logo is one of the most important elements of your brand. It’s the trademark that people recognize you by and how they learn what you stand for. Brand loyalty starts with a logo. This makes every aspect of your logo significant; from layout, patterns, color choice to typeface to iconography, every piece matters.

Start Strong

When starting a logo design, it’s crucial to define your target audience and end goal and design from there. Having this as a base is a helpful way to avoid falling into the trap of creating your logo based on current trends. Designing a logo “on-trend,” there is a chance your company might need to continually undergo brand refreshes to stay current. Not only can that be a lot of work to keep up with, it can also cause confusion if your logo continues to change often.

design a great logo by considering where it will go - like in this coffee shop

Use These Key Points

A logo should represent the personality of your brand, and reflect traits of who you are or what you sell. In order to do this, consider the following aspects that make up a great logo while working on yours with a designer:


  • Easily Recognizable: Consumers are bombarded with media constantly throughout the day and you have seconds to capture someone’s attention with your brand, so an easily readable/recognizable logo is important.
  • Created Intentionally: A strong concept and intentional elements are what help a logo to stand the test of time. Starting from strong reasoning, visual metaphor, and even hard data means your logo will require less refinement through the years – guaranteeing better brand recognition over time.
  • Simple: Simpler can be stronger. Many of the strongest logos are simple and, again, intentional. They don’t say too much in this small space – just enough.
  • Suitable Everywhere: Finally, logos need to translate to every possible application. From flyers, to billboards, coffee cups, t-shirts, digital ads, cell phone screens, they can appear anywhere. Your logo should hold its integrity when shrunken down and when expanded to huge proportions.

Work With Experienced Designers at Rearview

Kristen goes on to say that small elements absolutely matter – right down to the typeface and weight. Of course, we apply all this advice to every logo we create – and we make the process simple so you get a logo design that’s effective, lasting, and gorgeous. Call Rearview Advertising to talk to us about your current logo design and any plans you have to change it. With the help of our world-class designers, your brand will shine brighter than ever.

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