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Don’t Make These Email Marketing Mistakes

June 9, 2020

Don't make these email mistakes

Email marketing takes a gentle touch – and it’s not set-it-and-forget-it simple, either. Here are some mistakes you may be making with your email marketing, and the simple ways you can avoid them.

Email marketing means siezing opportunities

Letting Sign-ups Pass you By

Your site is a treasure trove of interest. If you have forms on your site, you need to set them up to help funnel potential leads to your email software. Always be sure to make it explicit that users can opt into or out of your email marketing. Designing your site to attract subscribers may require some strategy – call on us, we can make it easy.

Sending to Users who Didn’t ask for It

Sending to people who don’t expect it is one of the biggest email marketing mistakes you can make. Absolutely don’t go out and buy a list of email addresses to send to. That’s a surefire way to end up directly in users’ spam folders.

Pushing all Emails to all Lists

Once you’ve created a natural list, it’s exciting to have 3000 email addresses available to send to at the click of a button. Do not give in to temptation, do not send every email to all 3000 subscribers. The risk of doing so is much bigger than you think, including being singled out by Google and essentially silenced for spam. A team of marketers can help you properly segment your lists and keep you out of “Google jail”, take a look at our email services to see how we can make it easy.

Don't makes the email marketing mistakes - not pruning the garden

Letting the Garden get Overgrown

It’s inevitable, weeds will pop up in your garden. Don’t let it get out of hand. Undeliverables, unopened emails, and other bounces happen – list hygiene is a must. Letting these undeliverables pile up is an email marketing performance killer. Remove undeliverable email addresses, addresses of users who don’t open, and other addresses that seem to lead nowhere.

Sending “One and Done”

Email marketing is ongoing, and one email a month is not enough if you want to stay top-of-mind for your prospects. First, determine a cadence and train your list to expect you – whether that’s once a week, twice a month, or something else. Don’t send too infrequently, and definitely don’t send too often. All of that takes a lot of content creation, planning, scheduling, and automating. It really requires a whole team. Call us and speak with an expert on email marketing to find a team ready for your business.

Don’t let Your Email Game Slip

Used correctly, email marketing can be a highly rewarding channel. In ad spend terms, you could be getting your highest ROI from email marketing – you just need to make sure it’s done right. Visit our email marketing services page to see how we can level it up for you.

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