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Keep Them Coming Back: Website Design for Repeat Visitors

September 17, 2020

website design for return visitors

Repeat visitors are a great sign of interest in your business. They are looking for what you’re selling, and they remembered your brand specifically! These are valuable starters to ongoing business relationships. So to help create more of them, and to help you generate more quality leads for your business, here are our tips for attracting more repeat visitors.

Return visitors in a coffee shop - much like your website

Create Irresistible Content

Content is king, and good content has incredible staying power. Write content that is helpful, useful, and engaging. Making it shareable is also a sound choice. Writing solid content takes research and forethought, though. Plan, stick to a schedule, and hone your writing skills to create content that’s worth keeping up with and revisiting. Extra tip: encouraging visitors to follow your brand on social media is also a good way to leverage all that content and it rolls nicely into our next point.

A loyalty card, a reason for return visitors

Plan Future Visits

Create incentives and opportunities for visitors to come back. At a basic level, this may mean adding a signup for your newsletter on your site – a properly populated and tended email list is a powerful way to get repeat visitors and build relationships with customers.

A more advanced tactic, and something you should very seriously consider, setting up trackers like Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel will allow you to retarget users in your ads – crafting ads specifically for previous visitors. We love getting results with retargeting ads, contact us to talk about how we can help your business get the best of them too.

Make it Easy to Stay in Touch

Finally, the number one reason anyone might visit your site is to get your contact information. Make your contact page one of the most prominent navigation items on your site. Consider putting contact info or a form somewhere on the homepage, so it’s convenient for someone to get in touch. Make it easy to get in touch, and you’re off to a great start with that customer.

Smart Web Design, Stellar Results

Don’t leave the results up to chance, each of these pieces is better implemented with real experience. The team at Rearview has the knowledge, tools, and drive to help you attract more repeat visitors and build better relationships. Call us to talk about how we can level up your site for more repeat visitors.

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