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Zillow Group Advantage Program: Next Level Visibility for Homebuilders

July 21, 2020

get next level visibility on your Zillow listing

The Zillow Group Advantage Program allows partners like Rearview Advertising to offer specialized services that help you get the most out of every Zillow listing. We’ve worked with Zillow for years to be able to offer these services, and we’re excited to bring them to homebuilders like you. Find out what is included when you work with Rearview through the Zillow Group Advantage Program, then give us a call to discuss how we can start optimizing your web presence, on Zillow and beyond.

an enhanced zillow listing

Enhance Your Listings in Zillow

The standard Zillow listing includes details about the home from an MLS listing, and may mention the neighborhood. But, they generally exclude details like floor plan information and community amenities. We can fully integrate your MLS listing and website data into Zillow’s feed, allowing every listing to show exactly what makes your community unique. A Zillow new home feed can include more detailed selling points on all of your floor plans so users can find that information right on Zillow. The feed eliminates the need to do double entry for Zillow, and all your listings are updated automatically. Plus, with an enhanced listing, you’ll enjoy higher promotion on both Zillow and Trulia.

A zillow Ad

Powerful Zillow Boost Ads

Give your community special placement right in the feed with a Boost ad. We offer several different kinds of Boosts, but our most-requested are Sponsored ads and Featured listings. Both appear in the very top of the listing feed on Zillow search results. A Sponsored ad provides a direct link to your website, putting users right where you want them. A Featured listing is an on-Zillow listing with that same top-of-search placement, as well as enhanced features in the listing itself. Both are a fantastic choice, and working with Rearview means you’ll have insight into the best one for your company. we gather campaign analytics directly from Zillow and your website to see how the ad campaigns are performing.


Next Level Web Design and Collateral

To truly capture attention, your brand needs to perform off of Zillow as well. As part of our services as a Zillow partner, we create gorgeous homebuilder websites with unparalleled functionality. MLS listing feeds, CRM integration, and search engine optimization built from the ground up; when users land on your site they’ll stick like never before – and you’ll convert those leads into customers. We also provide a full suite of design services, enhancing your brand online and off.

the map in zillow

Discover the Advantage, Call Rearview

Working with Rearview on your Zillow listing feed gives you the competitive edge where buyers routinely start their home search. Take your Zillow game to the next level, and level up your site and brand while you’re at it. Call Rearview and discuss with one of our experts how you can elevate your presence on Zillow and beyond. With enhanced listings, Zillow Boosts, and a top notch brand and website, it’ll completely change the way you do business.


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