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Level Up Your Business Photography: Wrap-Up

March 4, 2020

In this series, we’ve established that your business needs good photography. These photos are used in so many places, and should make your brand stand out among the competition. No quick fix can stand up to well-executed, professional photography. Today we’re going to conclude our tips on how you can get better photography for your business, how you can use it to your advantage, and some of the emerging trends to pay attention to in business photography.

professional photography includes many kinds of product photography

Key Takeaways

Your photography acts as the face of your company, and that means every piece is important. Staff photos should give a good impression of your company’s personality – staying professional and positive. You should hold any photos of your product to as high a standard as any other part of your brand. Also, showing your product in action, known as lifestyle photography, is the best way to illustrate what customers will get when they choose you. For more on the basics, take a look at our introduction to photography.

An example of contrasting colors in professional product photography

Industry Trends

Mobile- and social-optimized photography are more important than ever. Screentime is dominated by smartphones, and that means photos need to scale correctly. If you don’t produce them in the correct aspect ratio, you’ll lose quality or content and users will ignore your brand. Drone photography is more and more accessible – but professional drone photography remains a rarity. Level up your photography with professional shots from the sky. Also, more businesses are painting vibrant pictures with bright complementary colors in their product photos. Find a photographer who can create fetching contrast in your photos.

Best Practices for Your Photos

Consider where your photos are going and plan accordingly. They’re likely to show up on social media, in ads, in email marketing, and even print. Each channel requires special considerations. Also think about your target audience – what photography style will speak best to them? And finally, take plenty of different shots, customers who see the same photo over and over again become fatigued, and may stop paying attention to your product altogether. Learn more about the how, when, and where of advertising photography here.

A Simple Solution for Great Business Photography

It’s a lot to take in, but Rearview Advertising can use all of these principles to your advantage and create showstopping photography of your products, people, and services. Want more tips and beautiful photo examples? Follow us on Facebook. If you’re tired of trying to do it yourself and are ready to have professional, top-quality photos for your business, contact Rearview today and learn more about leveling up with our photography expertise. When you work with Rearview Advertising, your brand has never looked better.

To start from the beginning, read our introduction to business photography here.

Or, for a little more in-depth information about how, where, and why – read the second part of this series here.

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