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Business Photography: How, Where, Why?

February 26, 2020

Have you ever seen an ad with no image? These days, the answer is probably no. As humans, we’re inherently driven by visuals. We want to put a face to a name. When it comes to your advertising photography, are you putting your best foot forward?  In our last post, we discussed several ways to utilize professional photography services. The next step is defining where and how your images will be put to use. Read on for our insight into these crucial questions.

Social Media Post

The Where

Photographs of your products, employees and working environment help potential customers become familiar with your business. The images can set you apart from competitors and provide transparency to your brand. These well-crafted photos aren’t just good for your website. Brand photography is useful for multiple platforms. Aside from your website, places to showcase your product photography include: social media, Google and Facebook ads, print, email marketing, and more. The list is endless because your photos should be present anywhere your brand is seen.

The How

With so much information out there, and various photography styles to choose from, how will you determine what’s best for your business? It’s important to think about your product and how to present it best. Ask yourself questions like, who is this for? And, why are people using this product? Take our home builder clients for example. They want to illustrate all of the hard work that is put into their beautiful homes. Going into a home with an iPhone and snapping pictures won’t give you the best angle or a wide enough range. It wouldn’t properly capture the high ceilings or the detail in the light fixtures or tile. No matter your product, it’s the details that make it unique – don’t discount the importance of top-notch photography.

Advertising photography in our studio

Another example can be seen with our clients at BIOLYTE. They pride themselves on their product’s accessible health benefits. The photos we’ve taken in our professional studio showcase the simplicity of the brand with clean, white backgrounds – with the sole focus on the bottles and displays. Noisy backgrounds and unprofessional lighting can make your product look small and dark.

A comparison of high quality advertising photography vs phone photography

The Why

So, ask yourself. Are your social media posts and paid ads becoming stale with overused and unprofessional photos of my product? Am I showing potential clients the warmth of my brand and employees? Statistically, people are more likely to click an ad or like a social post if it features a high-quality image. When it comes to your business, we want to help make sure your products are getting the focus and attention they deserve with professional photography, because quality images have proven to be one of the most crucial aspects of marketing.

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