Google Ads | Kerley Family Homes Case Study

September 20, 2019

The Ask

Nationally recognized, award-winning Atlanta home builder Kerley Family Homes needed to increase their website traffic, community recognition and engagement, and overall digital marketing performance through Google Ads display and search placements. In addition to driving traffic from ads, they aimed to increase lead conversions from in-market homebuyers.

The Answer

To effectively encourage site traffic for available new homes and communities, Rearview knew they would benefit from the vast search engine network and audience targeting capabilities of Google Ads. As a Google certified agency, we could ensure their paid search ads were targeting a qualified audience in appropriate demographics. With consistent analytics, keyword optimization and bidding structure, Rearview was able to provide positive returns for their ad dollars. Additionally, our in-house team provided keyword-focused website content and attractive ad design to positively influence their clicks and visibility.

The Proof

Since starting Google Ads management for Kerley Family Homes, onsite sessions and lead conversion results have significantly increased. By utilizing Google’s targeting capabilities and keyword metrics, we were able to see onsite form conversions increase significantly year-over-year. Through both Google display and text ad placements, Kerley Family Homes has seen their average time on site increase more than double year-over-year.

Focusing our efforts on quality site visitors rather than quantity, Rearview attracted thousands of users who spent longer than 60 seconds on Kerley’s site in Q3 of 2019, a large upsurge from 2018. Our campaign and website optimizations generated valuable leads, positive brand engagement and better site traffic from potential homebuyers.

Google Us

We have experience in getting brands noticed. If you’re looking to improve your company’s website traffic and overall marketing performance, we can help. Let Rearview optimize your work so your content is targeting the right audience, in the most effective way possible. Contact us to find out how we can help!

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