Rearview Welcomes New Digital Marketing Specialist, Natalie Hatfield

September 19, 2019

Rearview's new digital marketing specialist Natalie Hatfield

We are excited for Digital Marketing Specialist Natalie Hatfield to join us on the Rearview Advertising team!

As an undergraduate from the University of Tennessee, Natalie earned her degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Journalism and Electronic Media. She completed her master’s degree at UTK, and studied Communications with a concentration in public speaking. 

Following her first year of graduate school, Natalie went on to work for Jewelry Television, one of the largest jewelry and gemstone retailers in the world, as a digital content intern. It was here that she discovered her interest in social marketing, copywriting, and content curation. As a millennial, she’s evolved with the world of social media and digital marketing, which eventually grew into a passion and a career. 

She currently focuses on email marketing and social media management, and is excited about her new role within the Rearview team. We asked Natalie about some of her favorite things outside of work, too. Read on to learn more about our newest Digital Marketing Specialist:


YouTube! I watch tons of videos on there and am constantly going down a rabbit hole whenever I get on. 


I think one of my favorite branding campaigns would have to be Old Spice. Once you say their name, everyone knows what you’re talking about. They’re funny and extremely memorable. 


I have a strong love for Indian food – so my favorite restaurant has to be Tandur, local to Knoxville. 


My favorite movie of all time is Grease! I’m secretly a theater nerd so I love all things musicals. Not to mention I was in the show at one point in high school.


For years now I’ve been obsessed with The Office. I’ve watched each season at least 5 times and could probably quote more than 80% of the show. 


I’m actually not a huge sports person, but when it comes to football season, I’m all Vol! I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee so I’m loyal to the Tennessee Volunteers in Big Orange Country. #govols. 


I’ve quite honestly never used Hulu so this is an easy one – Netflix! 


I have a lot of love for cats, but dogs win this one. The two pups in my life consume all my love and attention so I can’t even imagine having a cat right now. There would be lots of jealousy! 


Is this a thing? Do people have favorite typefaces? I think graduate school has made me a Times New Roman fan for life. 


While I grew up on Facebook, I’ve come to like Instagram more. It focuses on the visual aspect of social media and has slowly started to veer away from like counts, an idea I find to be extremely refreshing. 


I couldn’t even tell you what the Android operating system looks like. I think I’ll definitely always be an Apple person. So to that I say, Android who?


Anything off the Taco Bell dollar menu. Literally anything.

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