Rearview Welcomes New Web Developer!

November 10, 2017

Ari Rearview's new Website Developer

We are proud to welcome our new web developer, Ari Patwary, to the Rearview Advertising team! 

At the age of 17, Ari began pursuing a career in website development, from creating simple landing pages for his dad’s website to updating his school’s club pages. During his career thus far, Ari has gained experience with nearly every aspect of development including sales, website management, and even running a business. Currently, Ari is working towards his goal of developing a new communication tool that will ultimately change the way we live our everyday lives.

Here are a few interesting facts about Ari.

Favorite Operating System:

MacOS. I’m an out of the box kind of person. Yes, I love to tweak and open up all my electronics just to see how they work, but there is something about Mac’s simplicity I’ve grown fond of. Plus, growing up, I would build my own Linux computers to save money, and there is a warm familiarity within Mac to Linux.

Favorite Website: because I spend countless hours on it. It’s amazing to get inspiration from it, but also see a working copy of someone else’s mind when it comes to web development.

Favorite Branding Campaign:

Justin Bieber. I’m dead serious. To go from a 15-year-old kid whom the world hated, to being worth $255 million a couple years later is impressive. As a musician myself, there is something really impressive about being able to tell a venue that you won’t walk into the room unless they’re giving you $2 million at a minimum.

Favorite Restaurant:

Taco T. I’m from California where taco trucks were huge for me, so finding that in Atlanta is the biggest win!

Favorite T.V Show:

One Piece because it has captivated me for years. Oddly enough, Luffy is a role model for me.

Favorite Sports Team:

Golden State Warriors.

What would you buy for $1:

I would post for a trade on Craigslist and keep trading like Kyle MacDonald until I get a house or a supercar.

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