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Make the Most of Your New Home Photos

August 13, 2019

As a home builder, your image is vital to your success. As you finish your work on another beautiful home, you need to make the quality and quantity of its photos a priority. You may already have photos of this floor plan, even this exact same elevation, but it is important to have a variety of high-quality photos to use in all of your listings. From exterior images, various angles, prime landscaping, lighting, details and interior shots, every visual aspect of your homes is a direct reflection of your brand. Through our expertise, we explain how to make the most of your new home photos.

Why Are New Home Photos Important?

Consider where your photos go. Often, one home photo can be posted to several channels. From the feed on your site, the first photo you choose for a residential home listing transfers to Facebook, Google, MLS, Zillow and beyond. In an instant, your photo can be shared via email, text, social channels. Since these images make rapid rounds around the internet, every single photo needs to be a high-quality representation of how you want your homes to be perceived. Using the same set of photos for every listing will cause your potential client to scroll past assuming all of those listings are for the same home. If they overlook these options, it could cost you a valuable lead just based on the photo chosen. Take advantage of your listings and capture attention with each one by showcasing similar elevations with various angles and highlights.

Exteriors That Shine

As it is the first thing a homebuyer will see when driving through the community, an exterior image is often the first photo in your listing. First impressions are important, so these images should be putting your best feature forward. Getting photos of each planned elevation and floor plan option is an ideal place to start. It’s common to have a few listings with the same elevation, so having multiple angles of each elevation to differentiate the listings can be highly useful. If you use a different picture for each listing, even if it’s just a different angle, it will serve as a unique, fresh image each time. Not all homebuyers are the same, so be sure to also capture the home’s exterior features and options. Large porches, a back deck or a pristine yard should be showcased as a valuable piece of the homesite.

An interior from RiverWalk, a Sharp Residential neighborhood

Engaging Interiors

The interiors of your homes are the equivalent of the gooey brownie center that your buyers want to get to. To help buyers visualize life in their new home, be sure to utilize model home photography when applicable to the elevation. Model homes should always be captured as soon as they are finished. This will ensure the model is in pristine condition to show online. Multiple angles are useful here, too, as that will engage more potential buyers with full scope of the home. With various floor plans and layouts, it can be difficult to show all the best parts of the home. This is why we suggest professional photography to capture the highlights.

The lighting should suggest that this new home is warm and inviting. Putting shadowy or low-quality interior photos on a listing can cancel what the buyer first thought from the exterior.  Interior photos should also accentuate features like additional media rooms and built-ins. Buyers may be searching for homes with thoughtful details throughout. Bookshelves, molding, coffered ceilings, exquisite master suites, extra kitchen storage, these all add to the value of the home. Finally, images of standard features, special fixtures, and finishes available in these homes will help give authenticity to each listing.

Warm Up to Your Image

Summer is the ideal time to capture new homes. Why? Your homes will feature gorgeous greenery, warm lighting, and inviting community images. What’s more, is you can utilize these ideal home listing photos all year. To sell your homes, and to stand out as a home builder, you have to put your best photos forward. Don’t take chances with your photography. Be sure that what is shared throughout the vast internet makes you proud. Rearview Advertising provides services to produce high quality new home photos. Through years of experience, we take the guesswork out of optimizing each image for effective listings. Contact us today to book a shoot and make the most of your stunning new homes. And, for more tips on how you can use digital and traditional marketing to grow your business, follow us on Facebook.

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