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Get More Leads: Level Up Your Site Functionality

August 25, 2020

Get more leads: level up your site functionality

Your site is an ideal place to generate leads, but could it be gathering more? The answer is always yes, since there’s always room to grow our websites, and there are several ways that adding functionality can generate more leads from your site. Buttons, calculators, forms, and other features all offer ways to increase interaction, time-on-site, and return visits which help qualify and collect leads – here are the ways we like to level up site functionality for our clients, and how they can help you get more leads.

a product feed such as this one adds extra functionality to your site for more leads

Product Feeds for Fun and Profit

Product information is key, and up-to-date information is important in a variety of industries. Our homebuilder clients are a great example: we’ve developed their sites to automatically import home listings from their preferred MLS. That means listing data is accurate across multiple locations (and automatically updated), pricing is up-to-date and consistent, sales agents and admins can easily update the information, and shoppers are never sent off-site. When you integrate a product feed such as this, your customers find what they’re looking for and you get your leads faster.

a mortgage calculator we've coded - calculators bring in more leads and help conversions

Helpful for Everyone, Calculators

If someone is searching for a calculator – loan, mortgage, square footage, costs, or another type related to your product, they’re likely looking to buy. Capture search traffic and give users a big opportunity to leave their info with you. For example, we’ve coded mortgage calculators like the one above to help homebuyers determine a rough estimate of how much house they can afford (and to show them that it’s a better deal than renting). We’ve also created calculators for more specific measurements – such as a square footage calculator that gives customers an instant proposal for a powerful air purification unit. Call us to talk about what kind of calculator or other interactive element we can integrate into your site to draw in users and capture leads.

a button on a webpage, reflected on mobile

Subtle Attention-Getters: Buttons and Modules

Site functionality can also be subtle – and yet so much more effective. Create a flow of information that drives your site traffic towards the ultimate goal and conclusion, make it easy to get in touch ASAP. Sticky calls to action on every page, easy-to-fill forms under blog posts, buttons that can be copy/pasted from page to page (like the one below) – these are all options for adding functionality while keeping it simple, and you’ll see a night and day difference in the number of leads you capture.

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Leads On-The-Go, Mobile Functionality

Every desktop website requires a mobile version, and often we’ll find that there are high-performing site elements on desktop sites that are completely missing a mobile counterpart. All of the elements above should be tested to work on mobile, so you can capitalize on the huge mobile market.

It’s Simple and Effective

Adding functionality to your site gives users even more reason to visit, click, and submit information. The right upgrade could turn your site into a lead generation machine. Level up the functionality of your site and get more leads – call Rearview Advertising to discuss how your site could perform better.

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