New Elevations South Website


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Elevations South website! Our team gave the new website a clean and simple look reflective of the brand with a responsive design layout, created for all screen sizes. Check out elevationssouth.com to let us know what you think! “We have… Read More

Rearview Welcomes Social Media Manager Kaitlyn Clark


Favorite Branding Campaign: The Skittles commercials have always stood out to me. I love ads that can consistently make me smile. Favorite Social Platform/Why: Right now, it is a tie between Instagram and Vine. It is always interesting to see how creative people can get with social medias. Favorite Atlanta… Read More

Unveiling of the New Netflix Logo. Maybe…


Is Netflix worried their new logo will aid in losing loyal watchers? Many of you may not know, but the large online TV streaming company has started using a very clean flat logo in some of its promotional material, including the trailer for one of their original series. Netflix has… Read More

New Boundary Waters Resort & Marina Website


  Our design and interactive teams have done it again! We are excited to announce the launch of the new Boundary Waters Resort & Marina website. Our inspiration behind the changes were to keep the same appeal of the brand, but give it a modern feel and responsive design layout,… Read More

Big Company April Fools’ Jokes


If you missed the April Fools’ Day jokes yesterday, don’t worry, we rounded up our top five pranks of the day. Enjoy! 1. But First… Let Me Take An Orbotix SelfieBot Selfies are HUGE right now, so we can’t really be surprised when several large company’s April Fools jokes revolved around… Read More

Rearview Welcomes IT Analyst Malcolm


Favorite Branding Campaign: First thing that comes to mind is PlayStation commercials. They Just Get Me. Favorite Operating System/Why: Windows for PC (I can’t live without my steam collection) and Android for mobile (Removable battery or bust). Favorite Website: Definitely IGN its always nice to see what “Geeks” are supposed… Read More

Acadia Homes Design Gallery Website


We are excited to present “The Design Gallery by Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods” website. Our design and interactive team worked hard to develop a website that would showcase the four distinct design styles that Acadia offers for their new homes. “Alex and his team are professional, punctual. and exceptionally creative. They… Read More

Rearview Welcomes Newest Designer Nick Mracek


FAVORITE BRANDING CAMPAIGN: Nike, just do it. Catchy, and now through the power of the almighty dollar, everyone knows it. Plus the swoosh is timeless. One of the first brands to go logo only and now copied by many others and most recently Starbucks. FAVORITE TYPEFACE: I’m a fan of… Read More

5 Web Trends of 2014


1. FLAT DESIGN Microsoft certainly set one of the biggest trends of 2014 with the release of Windows 8 and their flat design concept. A year later iPhone users were pleasantly surprised when Apple followed suit and launched the flat design of iOS7. Websites are throwing drop shadows and other… Read More

Rearview Welcomes Designer Grace Needler


FAVORITE BRANDING CAMPAIGN: Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign. I love the fact Dove is trying to teach women to love themselves despite the “perfect” women seen in media. FAVORITE TYPEFACE: Llama Font! Because every message is better when it’s said by llamas! FAVORITE WEBSITE: It’s a toss up between Pinterest and… Read More