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Rearview Welcomes New Digital Marketing Strategist, Traci Hendrix

July 6, 2018

We are excited to have Digital Marketing Strategist, Traci Hendrix, join us as the newest member of the Rearview Advertising team!

Traci is a writer through and through, but she is also an evolved millennial who recognizes the necessity of digital media. Traci graduated from Kennesaw State University with a major in Communications and a minor in Professional Writing. After serving as a dedicated writer and editor for the KSU Sentinel, she then went on to write athlete features and beat stories for the US Olympic Committee website. These two experiences blended her affinity for digital media and compelling content. She believes finding content that truly resonates with real people is, and always will be, the most interesting and intriguing part of being in the digital advertising space. Through her marketing and advertising experience, she has managed successful multi-channel campaigns, written thousands of ad copies and provided dozens of blogs in the last several years. As a Digital Marketing Strategist at Rearview Advertising, she remains excited to continue learning and seeing results.

Want to know a little more about Traci outside the office? Look no further!


Netflix is my, and my daughter’s, bff for Friends, Moana, Coco and Mulan, but I felt severely betrayed when they removed X Files. Great for documentaries and original releases, but the turnover of beloved series/movies is slightly unsettling. Obviously, Hulu is essential for Workaholics and Handmaid’s Tale, but let’s not forget about HBO Go for emotionally afflicting dramas like Westworld, Night Of, Newsroom, and Game of Thrones.


I make my own greeting cards on a 1930s Royal KHM typewriter. So, on cardstock, the Prestige Elite typeface it produces is an absolute treasure.


From a user perspective, Instagram is the most simplistic and instantly gratifying platform. Sharing, engaging and discovering are all incredibly user-friendly. Now with Stories, users can post with less pressure to edit and can share personal and timely experiences.

From an advertising perspective, Pinterest is the most interesting to me. As it continues to roll out new capabilities like Search Ads and more robust reporting, Pinterest proves to be an anomaly among competitors. Pinterest is where users go to plan, get inspired and literally build and define who they are, so, naturally, it’s a great place for brands to be a part of users’ life events.


Forest Gump. It is the most well-rounded movie with romance, war, action, comedy, suspense, and drama. It pulls all the heartstrings, has an excellent original score and has Tom Hanks.

However, I can’t go a day without giving a nod to Harry Potter. From book to film to amusement park and theatre, HP will always win.


Four pieces of Double Bubble at my nephew’s baseball concession stand because 1. that’s a DEAL and 2. because I live for maintaining my “Cool Aunt” title by impressing the kids with my bubble blowing skills.

Fun fact, you ask? I enjoy brewing my own beer. Makes it taste better when you have to wait weeks for it to ferment. I also like to read, be outside, write short stories and play with my daughter, Rose.

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