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In Pursuit of Quality Content – Facebook Updates Algorithm

July 9, 2015


As always the pursuit of quality content when marketing and advertising your business is certainly worth the time and investment. Speaking of time well spent, spend a few minutes now to learn more about a recent change from the fast-paced world of digital marketing and in particular one social media giants own recent changes toward the pursuit of quality for their customers.

These Are Social Times

We presume that your business is already spending time and budget on expanding your social media presence and audience. If not then get started today with Facebook. They currently have the largest social media user base and to date they have consistently done more than “the others” toward connecting or exposing customers to brands and businesses. In the past, we’ve shared various findings about social media posting frequency to keep your brand relevant, but today let’s consider another factor that Facebook recently announced they are paying a bit more attention to as well.

New Factor Added

Last month, Facebook, made another adjustment to one of their well-known and complex algorithms. This time they updated the News Feed, so there is more ranking value added regarding how much time people spend reading your page’s content, regardless of whether or not they remember to like, share or comment on it. Obviously, those actions we just noted are still worthy goals, but this recent change indicates a more focused approach toward the pursuit of quality content Facebook wants Brands and Businesses to share on their Pages. So now when someone on Facebook spends more time reading what you wrote on your Page, this says more about the quality of your content vs. how it was previously factored according to their News Feed algorithm.

No New News Here

Now, to be fair, the well-known Facebook user responses of liking, sharing, and commenting remain major contributors amongst the reportedly 100,000+ ranking factors or signals Facebook uses in its News Feed algorithm so continue seeking those as key performance indicators. After all, if you enjoy something enough to take action so that others in your circle have a better chance of seeing it and potentially also have a similar experience. This is definitely saying more regarding the quality of the content itself.

Steady Pursuit of Quality

So as you begin or continue on in your social media marketing efforts, remember that you must remain focused in your pursuit of quality content. Make this a strategic goal a requirement for all of your digital marketing efforts, regardless of budget. This pursuit of quality across your brand’s marketing and advertising, online and offline will enable your business to remain relevant and increase exposure.

Let’s Talk

If you’re definitely concerned that new customers or clients aren’t finding you online because of your brand’s lack of quality content, online advertising exposure, or various social media efforts then we should talk soon. We’re ready to help you do more with your brand marketing and advertising. Contact us now, we’re here.

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