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Posting Frequency on Social Media – Find Yours!

March 31, 2015

frequency posting on social media channels

Some brands or businesses don’t know what their posting frequency on social media channels should be even though most if not all spend a portion or chunk of their content marketing budget on it. Since social media is typically used for generating, maintaining, and increasing awareness about products or services, gathering an engaged audience of fans & customers, and ultimately driving more traffic to the company’s digital and/ or physical locations – it seems reasonably important that you also pay attention to how often you’re posting.

Posting Frequency

OK, so how often should you be posting? Clients often ask our opinion on this question, so we thought we would pass along some data and details we’ve studied related to the subject regarding the Big 4 social media channels, we’re all familiar with in the marketplace.


Studies have shown this channel works best if you post 2x a day. Anymore beyond that and Likes, Comments, and Shares begin to decrease. Note: Minimum posting is once a week or you are risking audience disconnect.


3 tweets per day are the suggested frequency on Twitter. Reportedly, follower engagement starts dropping off after more than this. However, we would definitely suggest that you test this one and find out for yourself. We’ve seen some brands posting up to 10 times per day or more.

Google +

The same number of posts is ideal on Google+. Perhaps 3 really is a magic number but then again it may be more manageable to start with 2. Note: Google reportedly likes it when brands consistently post on their channel versus when they don’t. Interestingly enough, the others don’t seem to behave this way.


Some brands have seen solid growth by posting or pinning multiple times per day. We suggest starting with 3-5 pins per day and see what happens. Don’t forget to spend time optimizing your pins as well.


The Correct Answer

Ultimately, the correct answer is that there is no correct answer. We believe the best strategy is to test, measure, optimize, and repeat. Next time we’ll talk more about how to forecast the time of day you should be posting. This is potentially more important than you may have previously considered. If you think your brand needs help with increasing engagement or driving more traffic to the company’s products and services then contact us today.


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