Google’s Panda Demands Quality Press Releases – Huh?

PandaGoogleBlogHeader2 - feature

  Did You Know… A few months ago, Google released Panda 4.0, the latest update to their search engine algorithm. This latest version was designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. There was one group of sites that felt an… Read More

To Facebook or Not To Facebook


Since it’s creation in 2004, Facebook has successfully found it’s way in to our daily lives. You probably checked your Facebook or Twitter before your even got out of bed today. We all want to be in the know and stay connected with our friends and family. And because of… Read More

Fourth of July!


Fourth of July is around the corner and we are here to help you make those last minute plans for the holiday! If you are around the Atlanta or San Francisco area for the Fourth then you are in luck this year! There are tons of events ready for you… Read More

New Brock Built Charleston Website


The new Brock Built Charleston site has recently been launched! Rearview’s design team has created a responsive web design applicable for all device and screen sizes. About 9 years ago our team at Rearview Advertising was commissioned to come up with a new look and feel for Brock Built’s website…. Read More

Responsive Web Design


Always being on the go means enjoying the convenience of having multiple sized devices to access the internet.  However, we have all been in the situation of viewing a website and having the content be teeny tiny, so we suffer to get the information by zooming in and out and… Read More

Social Media – Bang for Your Buck


Social Media is an effective way to make your business more prevalent to your desired audience. But knowing how to make the most of the advertisements you plan to publish to your social networks can be tricky. Here are four simple tips to help you get started with your advertising… Read More

Curb Appeal – Selling the Whole Package


When selling a home it’s not always enough to just stage it, plant the flowers, and bake the cookies.  But what about the curb appeal of your marketing plan? Here at Rearview, we can help you make your homes look even more desirable. With our designs, we can create everything… Read More

Coca-Cola’s Green Thumb


Coca-Cola has introduced a creative ad campaign to go with their eco-friendly PlantBottles which are partially made from plant material. The ads are clean and simple and of course keep with Coke’s iconic colors. One of the ads even features a clever optical illusion that is sure to make you… Read More

New Rib Country Website


Rearview is excited to announce the launch of the new Rib Country website! Our design team aimed for a fun and energetic responsive design layout to represent the up-beat atmosphere of the local restaurant chain. Check out the new Rib Country website and tell us what you think!

Instagram Insanity!


As many of you probably noticed, Instagram was down last night for about an hour. No worries though, the problem was quickly resolved and all were able to resume posting shameless selfies and artsy pics of their dinner! With the photo sharing app back up and running, we here at… Read More