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Rearview Welcomes Newest Designer Nick Mracek

January 31, 2014

FAVORITE BRANDING CAMPAIGN: Nike, just do it. Catchy, and now through the power of the almighty dollar, everyone knows it. Plus the swoosh is timeless. One of the first brands to go logo only and now copied by many others and most recently Starbucks.

FAVORITE TYPEFACE: I’m a fan of the sans. Myriad Pro is probably my go to. No offense to Times
New Roman.

FAVORITE WEBSITE: Google.com because it’s so simple and then when you dive in, the complexity is behind the scenes. It was the first to break the mentality that big websites must show news articles and horoscopes on your homepage to be useful. The web is catching on to what Google has known for years and simplifying their main sites to have one or two main focus points.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Tough one to say for an actual meal, but based on chocolate chip cookies alone, Zoe’s Kitchen wins.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Georgia Bulldogs are number 1 in football. It’s tough to miss their big games on TV or at Sanford Stadium. Being an Atlanta native, I like all of my hometown teams: Braves, Falcons, Hawks.

WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FOR $1: New game for my iPhone. Kingdom Rush tower defense was fun
to play.


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