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Rearview Welcomes IT Analyst Malcolm

March 25, 2014


Favorite Branding Campaign: First thing that comes to mind is PlayStation commercials. They Just
Get Me.

Favorite Operating System/Why: Windows for PC (I can’t live without my steam collection) and Android for mobile (Removable battery or bust).

Favorite Website: Definitely IGN its always nice to see what “Geeks” are supposed to be knowledgable about and see if you’re up to par.

Favorite Typeface/Emoticon: @_@ I hope this means something just made your head spin, otherwise my virtual response to a lot of things over the years may have been nonsensical.

Favorite Sports Team: I guess its between the Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Tech football, but that is the result of proximity and loyalty rather than true fandom.

Hulu or Netflix: Hmmm, that’s a tough question. Hulu does show a timely stream of Community and Parks and Recreation every friday. However, if money talks, that $9 a month I pay to Netflix probably gives
it the edge.

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