You Can Still Speak to Your Audience

April 1, 2020

You can still speak to your audience amid social distancing

You’re doing what you can as a business owner to practice good social distancing measures during this uncertain time. While face to face meetings with potential customers is at an all time low, there are ways you can reach your audience – even if coveted face time isn’t practical. You do in fact have a chance to put your best foot forward during this tough time and really show off your product.

More time at home translates to more internet time for much of your customer base. Your audience could be more engaged than ever right now – and if you give them something of quality to enjoy, that engagement could reflect well on your brand. Rearview Advertising can help you do exactly that, with live online tours and showings, product photography, and social media engagement. Here’s how your business can speak to your customers, while keeping to COVID-19 (coronavirus) safety guidelines.

Live Online Showings

Online tours are here to step up your digital presence. Social distancing means that both your customers and your employees will want to limit in-person meetings, but you need to keep them engaged with each other. That’s perfectly fine, because your product is beautiful on-screen and off. Imagine a Facebook Live event with a 360 degree camera that users can pan around as they’re toured through a model home, or view a product demo. A sales agent can answer questions about your product in real time as all of its features are explored. With no direct contact, you can still show and talk about your product to interested customers.


Photos get engagement online, and your business deserves the best photography. You can’t rehash old photos – if users are browsing more often they’ll pick up on repeats. Respect their time and attention, use fresh, beautiful photos of your product. With our experience, we can help you get the most out of your photography – showing off key details and unique features.

Walkthrough Videos

Video has never been as important as it is today. Let users see your product in full with a gorgeous video walkthrough. Accessible on your site without a pre-planned event or an appointment, they’ll essentially be giving themselves a tour. Artfully edited and cut, a walkthrough video will paint your product in the most flattering light.

Social Media Management

Finally, you want to tie everything together with a simple message; “we’re still available to you”. Gently give your audience ways to engage with you while they’re safe at home. Hosting live group tours, answering customer questions, and bringing them quality content to enjoy are all ways of being there for your clients.

Speak with your audience

Communicating Safely

As we follow social distancing guidelines, you can still communicate with your customers and show them what they want to see. Give them quality content and engaging information, and help bring a sense of normalcy. Let Rearview Advertising help you reach your customers, we can create a plan for your business that will ease the struggle through this pandemic. Contact us to learn how.

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